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Nearby Attractions

Calgary is a city with rich natural, historical, artistic and architectural heritage, which it constantly develops.  Calgary is also a leader in of design and arts. It is a world benchmark in theatre, literature, contemporary dance, film animation,and cyberculture. With it's close proximity to Canmore, Banff and Lake Louise Calgary is becoming a world renowned city.
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Stephen Ave

Stephen Avenue Walk forms a part of 8th Avenue South, bounded by 4th Street SW at its west end and 1st Street SE at its east end.  Home to some of Calgary’s finest restaurants, pubs, bars and cafes, this pedestrian mall offers its foot-travellers uninhibited access to some of downtown’s key attractions and facilities, including Banker’s Hall, the CORE Shopping Centre, the Telus Convention Centre, the Glenbow Museum, Arts Commons and Olympic Plaza.  Visitors will also find several Canadiana curio stores here.  However, it will be the atmosphere that you’ll most want to somehow capture, package up and take home with you as a souvenir.  Stephen Ave offers access to diverse shopping, outdoor, historic buildings, museums, live music and some of Calgary’s finest dining and drinking holes

Stephen Avenue is a bustling hive of activity during the warmer months, with many dining venues offering outdoor patio facilities.  Hanging flower baskets, live and piped music, festivals, food trucks and buskers all come together to make the short-lived outdoor season on The Avenue a memorable visit.  Experience Stephen Ave at it’s pumping best during the annual Calgary Stampede when Cow-Town explodes with creativity and fun.

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Calgary Stampede

It's not just about the Rodeo. It's about a whole city coming alive with excitement! People arriving to Calgary from every part of the globe with one common objective - to get the most out of the finest outdoor show on earth! Stampede Week in Calgary is where it all begins. 

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Banff & Lake Louise


With Calgary being in such close proximity to Banff, it has become a must visit.  Banff and Lake Louise have a rich heritage as one of the world’s most breath-taking mountain destinations. For centuries, Banff and Lake Louise have inspired people with their spectacular natural beauty. They are places steeped in legendary tales of adventure, exploration, and myth.






Restaurants & Nightlife
It is no secret that Calgary is evolving into one of the most exclusive food scenes in Canada.  Known for its vibrant foody culture and dynamic festivals it would be hard to run out of things to do.  

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Calgary furnished apartment rentals 500Squares




Calgary's Chinatown is a vibrant nightspot for locals and tourists alike thanks to a special regulation by Calgary's city officials which slates the sector as a tourist area, thus allowing it to continue operations well into the evening. Cantonese seafood, barbecue and dim sum restaurants and Vietnamese Phở eateries are featured in Chinatown. Many local Asian-Canadians frequent the area since the shops offer products directly imported from Mainland China or Vietnam that are difficult to find elsewhere in town. During lobster season, restaurants there are so crowded that it can be difficult to get a seat without a reservation.



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